About ESHC



Creating a healthier Eastern Shore.


Established in 2009, Eastern Shore Healthy Communities is a community partnership that shares this vision:

We imagine a healthier Eastern Shore merging from livable communities where children and adults have healthy eating choices at home, school and work; walk, swim and bicycle safely; play or exercise outdoors, in neighborhood parks, trails and open spaces; and enjoy tobacco-free communities.


Eastern Shore Healthy Communities works to create a healthier Eastern Shore. We convene partner organizations and individuals to track health indicators; offer information about what produces health; seek diverse citizen in put about creating a healthier community; and plan and implement policy, systems and environmental change strategies that focus on leading health issues.

We take a policy, systems and environmental change approach to community health because it has a broader impact and is more sustainable than programmatic approaches. For example, tobacco-free work place policies reduce tobacco use and second-hand smoke inhalation for everyone in the workplace. Adoption of recommended physical activity guidelines within school systems impacts students, teachers and parents. Environmental changes, like building bike paths and sidewalks, promote active living and benefit the entire community.

Join us in creating a healthier Eastern Shore. Become part of Eastern Shore Healthy Communities by attending our meetings and forums to learn more about health. Share your ideas for strengthening our communities so that we can achieve long, disability free lives on the Eastern Shore.