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2020 Meeting Schedule

Join us for a quarterly coalition meeting, then find your place in one of our work groups. We meet at Eastern Shore Community College’s Workforce Development Building in the Conference Room.

August 13
November 12

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Building a Culture of Change:
Eastern Shore Healthy Community’s Annual Report

The Eastern Shore Strategic Plan
for Well-Being


For more information on when a particular subcommittee meets please click on one of the links below:

Executive Committee
Better Birth Outcomes
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Food Access & Equity
Life-long Wellness
Liveable Communities
Resilient & Trauma-Informed Communities

A COVID-19 Conversation

If you missed our COVID 19 Community Forum You Can See the Film Here.

ESHC’s May 14 Quarterly Meeting offered good information and sound advice for many people expressing fears and anxiety over COVID 19 and for those wanting to know how nursing homes and poultry processing plants can reduce their number of virus infection. Attendance at the meeting reached 77 by computer and more by phone. If you missed the program, click the link at the top of this page for a replay.

Many resources were offered and can be found under the resources section of this page.

Additional Information

Bridges out of Poverty Community Forum

Our conferences have been postponed according to state and federal COVID 19 guidance. We will make a public announcement when we are able to reschedule.

Meanwhile, we invite you to read more about poverty, its many presumed causes and proposed solutions, so that when we finally gather to learn more and suggest solutions, you will be better informed.

Building Bridges Summit Videos

Day 1 – 06/17/2020
Day 2 – 06/19/2020
Day 3 – 06/22/2020
Day 4 – 06/23/2020

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Even though COVID 19 has us physically distanced, we will continue to meet electronically. More information on how to connect online will come through our constant contact newsletter. If you are not on our mailing list, contact

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