Youth Leadership Academy

Youth Leadership Academy

The world is rapidly evolving and a challenge exists on Virginia’s Eastern Shore to insure that its young people are ready to step up and lead its future through the 21st century and beyond. Eastern Shore Healthy Communities and Eastern Shore Community College are preparing today for tomorrow’s community leadership.

We are all leaders

This is our simple philosophy. We are born leaders. No choice exists about that. Your choice is how skilled at leadership do you want to be? We are called to be leaders in the care and sustainability of ourselves, our families and those who cannot care for themselves. We also lead at school, work and in the community.  One does not need to be elected or promoted to be a leader. We are leaders by birth.  The kind of leader we are matters.

The Program

Following is an outline of how the program typically runs:

  • The Youth Leadership Academy meets on six Saturdays 9a.m. – 2p.m.
  • Only two absences are allowed
  • Lunch and materials are provided
  • Transportation is provided as needed
  • Scholars may also meet in teams outside of these dates to complete their leadership initiative or to take advantage of other opportunities offered by instructors
  • During class Scholars learn what kind of a leader they are
  • Scholars learn and practice tools to be an effective leader
  • You experience the power of positive communication, work within groups to address real challenges and build a personal network—an asset that will last a lifetime

Scholars will:

  • keep a journal with reflections on personal leadership observations and experiences
  • plan and execute a leadership initiative to address an important Eastern Shore challenge with a team of peers
  • conduct and report research
  • interact with current Eastern Shore leaders
  • present the results of your Leadership Initiative on the last day of class in front of family, mentors, and invited guests


This program is funded in part by the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth and Eastern Shore Community College. Each Leadership Scholar accepted into the 2016 program receives a full scholarship for tuition, fees and materials. The Leadership Academy welcomes contributions.

Learn about upcoming opportunities:

Are you ready? Do you know a young person who is motivated, interested in being a leader, or who may benefit from the opportunity to work with peers, learn from mentors, build leadership skills, all while creating a healthier, stronger Eastern Shore with a sustainable community initiative?  We’re looking for uniquely talented teens who will stay on the Shore and lead it into health and prosperity.

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Contact Patti Kiger at 757-635-3208.