Physical Activity

Only a few lifestyle choices have as large an impact on your health as physical activity. People who are Kayakingphysically active are more energetic, happier and experience less stress than those who are less active.

Looking for a bike trail, walking trail, playground, or place to kayak? The Eastern Shore is a natural playground. You have to look no further than your own backyard for a place to run, hula hoop, or play Frisbee with the kids. For other places of interest, click here.

You don’t have to do intense strenuous exercise but you do need to move. You can significantly improve your quality of life with moderate but regular exercise. Find an activity you enjoy and get in the game!


ESHC Physical Activity —  Goals

  • Livable communities
    Both counties will adopt “Livable Communities” concept by 6/13.
  • Fitness challenge
    1,000 individuals will participate in annual media-driven Fitness Challenge by 6/13.
  • Walking trails
    Four towns will create walking trails by 6/13.
  • Physical activities policies
    Ten large worksites will adopt physical activity policies by 6/13.
  • Faith communities policies
    Ten faith communities will adopt physical activity policies and organize walking teams by 6/13.

 Tool kits

Want to contribute to making the Eastern Shore a healthier place? Create a physical activity policy in your workplace, organization or faith community. Below, find linked resources to help you get started.

Workplace Physical Activity Toolkit Workplace Physical Activity Presentation Faith Communities Policy Tool Kit (coming soon)