Early Childhood Obesity Prevention

Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Initiative

Early childhood is a crucial time for children, parents and childcare providers to learn about nutrition and physical activities required for optimal health.  This initiative will provide support to licensed early childcare providers in homes and schools to understand the importance of having a healthy weight status among children in the early childhood years; collect weight status data from the children they supervise (with parental permission and child assent); conduct educational efforts around a set curriculum to childcare providers and parents on nutrition, healthy shopping, meal preparation, eating, and physical activity; work with child care providers to assess current wellness practices; and help early childcare providers create policies within their early child care environments.


This initiative is a shared strategy between Eastern Shore Healthy Communities and Eastern Shore Smart Beginnings.  It is funded by The Planning Council, Food and Drug Administration, Eastern Virginia Medical School.  Work Group Chair is Ipek Taffe (The Planning Council).